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The Spider-man of Thumbsticks.

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KontrolFreek’s Omni is a versatile, low-rise Performance Thumbstick® with a dynamic design that adapts to pressure, so the more you play, the more it keeps you comfortable and in control. Omni quickly attaches to your original controller thumbsticks to provide exceptional grip with minimal added height. With 145% more surface area compared to original PlayStation 4 and Xbox One stock sticks and traditional silicon thumb grips, Omni fully supports your thumbs for added comfort, particularly during marathon gaming sessions. Choose the one that matches your setup best.

Omni is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S & Xbox One.

    Enhanced Grip

    Enhanced Grip

    Don't let them catch you slippin'

    More Comfort

    More Comfort

    Reduces hand fatigue

    Low Rise

    Low Rise

    With added surface area

    Play Video Omni fully supports your thumbs for added comfort, particularly during marathon gaming sessions.

    Product Specs

    Left Stick

    Left Stick:

    Concave, 4.0mm
    Cross-Hatch Design
    Low-rise for comfort and control

    Right Stick

    Right Stick:

    Concave, 4.0mm
    Cross-Hatch Design
    Low-rise for comfort and control

    From the Experts:

    - Versatile, low-rise Performance Thumbstick® with a cross-hatch design that adapts to pressure

    - Extra wide, concave surface provides more comfort by adding up to 145% more surface area

    - Non-slip, proprietary rubber compound enhances grip, no matter how hard you play

    - Little-to-no adjustment period due to adding a minimal height of 4.0 mm

    - Protects stock thumbsticks from wear and tear

    - Works well in FIFA, NBA 2K, Madden, Rocket League, and more

    Omni features a cross-hatch design on a concave surface that dynamically adapts to your movements for exceptional grip. KontrolFreek’s proprietary composite material wicks away moisture to further reduce slip. The low-rise base is secure and easy to use. It also increases arc distance by 30% for added precision and sensitivity with little to no adjustment period. Only on, Omni is available in Blue, Black, Green and Purple.

    Money Back Guarantee

    90-day Returns

    Extended Money Back Guarantee

    Free Shipping

    Free shipping on all orders $25+

    Available in most countries worldwide

    Trusted by the pros

    Trusted by the pros

    Approved for tournament use

    More Grip, Less Slip

    KontrolFreek Performance Grips utilize an advanced, moisture-wicking combination of materials to give gamers better grip, support and comfort.

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    More Grip, Less Slip Stay Powered Up

    Stay Powered Up

    Remain connected but not restricted with the KontrolFreek 12FT Gaming Cable, specifically designed to keep you connected when it matters most.

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    Bradford C.
    United States United States

    They really add to the fee of the sticks. Never using a controller without them from now on.

    Keith B.
    United States United States

    I Love these Omni's, my favorite so far, They make everything just so much Better! once you've tried them I Grantee, you'll never go back to normal again!

    KontrolFreek UK Omni Review
    Tyler A.
    United States United States
    Repetition and Comfort restored and improved my shot after 8 years of not playing any FPS title

    Since the very first days of Call of Duty experience on Cod World at War in 2008, I've had friends who insisted on the benefits of using a control freek on a controller to improve accuracy. From 2008 to 2012 I unfortunately never took the time to try out kontrol freeks before getting red ring and not playing for 8 years. In July 2021, I started playing call of duty again. I was improving as a player but my biggest issue after not playing for 8 years was still my aim. My accuracy overall was in the 15% range and skill based match making was taking a toll on me, but then I ordered the blue Omni KontrolFreeks for my ps4 controller and they served as an excellent foundation in my quest to become a good player again. They didn't take long to get used to at all and my right thumb wouldn't get sore anymore after long play sessions. I was especially thankful for that because repeatedly dropshotting and sliding was leaving a cut mark on my thumb that hurt long after playing. This issue immediately went away when I put the omni kontrol freeks on my controller. By the end of MW, my overall accuracy was 19% but to truly see how massive my improvement was one must look to my shot on Black Ops Cold War(where my stats started off at a fresh plate.) My accuracy on Cold War is 32.1% which places me in the 99.5th percentile for best accuracy in the world. Ultimately, I know the long grind sessions of 8+ hours and never playing less than 3 hours a day played the most important role in my improvement, however, I would not have been able to play for such extended periods without my omni kontrol freeks. I would highly encourage anyone who wants to get a better shot to try out a pair yourselves. They are affordable, comfortable, give you better grip, and I am still using the same kontrol freek on my right stick that I was a few months ago(the other one is still unused) which is a testament to their durability. I will definitely be getting a pair of kontrol freeks again and recommending my close friends that I play with daily to try out a pair as well.

    KontrolFreek UK Omni Review
    Kwaku D.
    United States United States
    This actually helps your aim once you adjust!!

    It was amazing! Subscribe to Mighty Gaming with red letters logo.

    Carlo P.
    Philippines Philippines
    Omni thumbsticks

    Very nice enjoyed using it

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