The Science Behind


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Thumbstick = Lever

Requires FORCE to move lever in & OUT OF the deadzone

Thumbstick Controller Deadzone Controller Input Zone Thumbstick

Performance Thumbsticks Add Height

Extend Length of Radial Lever

Increases arc distance by 135%

Increased Motion


Increases Precision for maximum accuracy

Reduces Deadzone Resistance

Decreased Deadzone Resistance


Makes small aiming adjustments easy

Reduces Required Force By 40%

Reduces required force


Decreases hand & thumb fatigue during marathon sessions

Benefit from increased sensitivities

Without missing your shot


Turn on opponents faster & win more gun battles


Snap To targets and pick off your opponents

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* 135% Increase in arc distance describes High-Rise height with concave thumb surface for PS4.

Increase varies by console platform, thumbpad shape, and thumbstick height